Mistletoe in Osteoarthritis

Mistletoe has been used in osteoarthritis since 1922, but it is only recently that it is gaining popularity for this condition. It is a simple therapy: injections around the affected joint 1-2 times per week. In a literature review conducted in 2007, in 17,000 patients 80% had improvement in pain and mobility after 4-8 treatments.

Mistletoe causes local hyperaemia (Elsner 1957), relieves pain (Zell 1993), improves microcirculation (Klopp et al. 2001), normalizes the extracellular matrix (Heine 1985), and improves collagen (Proft 1990). Human studies have shown that mistletoe is comparable to conventional medications, with longer lasting benefits (Stange et al. 2000).

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Osteoarthritis and Mistletoe Webinars

Dr. Steve Rallis DC, ND

An introductory webinar with videos and tips on how and why to use mistletoe therapy in arthritis, as well as a follow-up webinar answering all your key questions on this topic. Two fantastic events!